On La Güera

Born and raised in California, la Güera got her nickname in high school when she was the only gringuita in the Spanish for Spanish Speakers class. When those days were over, she moved to San Francisco for college and settled there for almost a decade, intermittently taking off to feed her travel addiction in the waters of the Mediterranean and the Seine and the Tolantango. She studied abroad in Querétaro, Mexico, for a year and in Paris, France, for a summer. Then, after too many years in one place (though San Francisco remains one of her great loves), she left everything behind to travel South America, starting in Cartagena, Colombia. The plan was to backpack down the Western coast of the continent and eventually end up in Chile, where she would then find a job teaching ESL. Let’s just say it didn’t work out that way.

In five months of traveling, la Güera got only as far as Cuenca, Ecuador, and there she stayed. Although she already recognizes the tingle of imminent footloose and fancy-freeness, she’s currently living with a bunch of Swiss expats, teaching English and working as a writer and editor at a travel company, and generally eating as many salchipapas as her waistline can handle.

Her goal with this blog is this: to share her experiences as openly and truthfully as possible, both the scary and the transcendent.

La Güera hopes to be traveling for a long, long time, because if life isn’t a journey, then what, exactly, is it?

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